Re: major libgweather Locations updates

Hey everybody
We need to come to some agreement on this soon

2008/8/11 Dan Winship <danw gnome org>
Sorry about not getting back to this sooner. I talked with Vincent about
this (with him wearing his libgweather maintainer hat, not his release
team hat), and I think we agree that the possible scenarios are
something like this, ranked from best to worst:

   1. Keep new, all translation teams fully translate

   2. Keep new, translation teams translate at least
      the new locations in countries where their language is widely

   3. Revert to old, use existing translations

   4. Keep the new, no new translations

Right now we're somewhere around 4, but it's not a whole lot of effort
to get to 2, which I think is all we need to target for 2.24; no one
using the Arabic localization is going to notice if there are small
towns in Denmark left untransliterated.

Yeah, I suppose you are right. From this whole discussion however, I mean just from the errors that have come up during a discussion that is essentially about something else, I think it would seem that you need to put some more work into this, before asking anyone to use their spare time on it. I would propose that you create a new mailing list, where you get as many representatives from all the different countries or regions that you wish to include as you can, so that they can verify the validity of the amounts and descriptions of locations. And that no changes are being made in the criterions for a particular country without this representative has confirmed its sanity. I'll start with volunteering as the Danish representative. Anyway I agree that we can probably do option number 2 with little effort.

We also agreed that it might make sense to remove libgweather (at least
the po-locations part) from the translation statistics, for exactly that
reason; it's not like with ordinary UI strings, where any user in any
language is equally likely to encounter any string.

Yes yes yes YES. No matter which of the options above the individual teams might end up doing, I would definitely want these OUT of the gnome 2.24 statistics, for the reasons I have mentioned earlier. (but which I realize that you Dan probably haven't seen since I forgot to CC you, I'll forward you a copy)

Regards Kenneth Nielsen

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