Re: Needed description for translation (Nautilus.HEAD)

Le mardi 19 août 2008 à 17:37 +0530, shankar prasad a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just noticed following entry in nautilus.HEAD (kbabel entry no.814):
> "MIME type description (MIME type)|%s (%s)"
> It has got "pipe" in between. Should I retain whole thing in msgstr? 
> According to our earlier practices, the content after the "|" supposed
> to be omitted. What should be done here?
> Can any one through some light on this?
Yes, I can confirm this is contextual stuff and you just have to
translate what follows the pipe ("|").
I don't think it's worth opening a bug report asking for a translator
comment, because we hope to get rid of such context marking in GNOME

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