Re: please commit few more SK translations.

Le mardi 04 septembre 2007 �4:32 +0200, Mgr. Peter Tuharsky a �it :
> Hallo translation head team!
> Congratulations and thanks to anyone who contributes.
> I'd also like to ask You for help.
> Please, could someone commit my translation improvements? The Slovak 
> (SK) team head and the only listed member Marcel Telka is being very 
> busy last quarter and I'm concerned that he will not be able anytime 
> soon to review and commit the translation improvements I have 
> continually posted here:
> I know there is only a week more to the pre-release, so could someone 
> commit the files so that we will not miss the 2.20 term?

Hi Peter,

As I commented on
most of your translations are based on old POT files. You should update
them with newer POT from Damned Lies before someone commits them.

And as Johannes said, we would very much appreciate a message of Marcel
on this list about the current state of Slovak translation team.



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