Re: String additions to 'orca.gnome-2-20'

Darn! So sorry about that. I'm not sure why it was done that way, but I just fixed it. Hopefully this is the last surprise. I just did a diff between the orca.pot from the Orca v2.20.0.1 tag and the gnome-2-20 branch, and it looks like we should be set. The only difference is that we actually removed two strings by taking advantage of stock buttons.


Claude Paroz wrote:
Le samedi 13 octobre 2007 �0:38 +0200, Kenneth Nielsen a �it :
What is this?

#: ../src/orca/
msgid "          "
msgstr ""

Hmmm... this seems a rather ugly way to space between two buttons in a
glade file. Unfortunately, I'm not used to Glade to suggest a better
way, but please set at least the translatable property to "no" for this
'space' string.



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