Re: tigrinya translation project is not active yet.

On 2007-05-10T16:30:13+0300, mahfuzdinish gmail com wrote:
> so please either send me the gnome PO files or allow me the CVS access to
> the translation repository.

GNOME is nowadays using Subversion as version control system, but it
is very similar to CVS. And as always, there is anonymous access
enable so you can download PO files anonymously.

For translators there is also status pages where you can download PO
files. This one should be for your team:

<URL: >

Just follow links in under title "Release" for the release you want,
and download PO files from that page. Optionally, you can use
Subversion (SVN) to download those files, but probably the way I just
described is more convenient.

Tommi Vainikainen

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