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El vie, 22-06-2007 a las 10:23 -0500, Shaun McCance escribió:
> I've run into a localization issue in formatting DocBook,
> and I need some input from translators to decide how best
> to solve it.  Let's say I have a list of people's names.
> There could be any number of people.  I need to format
> this as inline text.  So in English, I'd do:
>   Tom and Dick
>   Tom, Dick, and Harry
>   Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally
> The names, of course, don't get translated, but the
> commas and "and" should be.  So again, this time with
> parentheses around the potentially translatable parts:
>   Tom( and ) Dick
>   Tom(, )Dick(, and )Harry
>   Tom(, )Dick(, )Harry(, and )Sally
In Spanish we don't use the last comma. I really think is better to have
more strings than less. Usually plural forms work fine with English
(file(s)) but can be a pain in the neck for translators.

> If every language works exactly like English, then I
> can just mark three strings for translation: ", ",
> " and ", and ", and ".  But my guess is that they
> aren't all like English.
> So translators, please let me know hows lists of
> things are formatted in your language, including
> instructions on exceptions (i.e. in English, two
> elements are formatted differently than three or
> more, as above).
> --
> Shaun
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