Re: Translating GNOME 2.18 or 2.20?

Quoting Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:

> Hi,
> Claude was asking me if it was still useful to translate GNOME 2.18.
> That's a really good question.
> We released GNOME 2.18.3 last week, so there is no more GNOME 2.18
> planned. Unless there is a really critical bug in their module, I don't
> think module maintainers will release new tarballs. Distributors of
> GNOME could use new translations appear in svn, but, well, to be honest,
> I don't think they will.

IMHO, there *could be* some releases in some modules which have changes in svn
which, for one or another reason, are not yet released (hi eog!). Maybe looking
for these in svn could help. But I think it's really low priority compared to
2.20 translations.


> Therefore, I'd recommend to translators to stop focusing on translating
> 2.18, and work on 2.20 instead (but feel free to ignore what I say ;-))
> Vincent
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