Re: dasher gives "Can't generate POT file, using old one." error on the status page

Kenneth Nielsen skrev:

> "There are some missing files from
> Src/Gtk2/"
> aren't really important, but simply a matter of missing maintenance.

> And on a more general note, are we supposed to report the errors
> generated on the statuspage somewhere, because we've got quite a few
> of those?

Hi Kenneth,

Normally, these messages regarding missing files in the are
handled case by case. I usually add the missing files when I see them.
There is a string freeze now so I wouldn't recommend that you add this
file, at least not now. If you sometime want to add missing files to the, add the files in alphabetical order.

Usable commands to run in the po directory:

intltool-update -m  (check for missing files)
intltool-update -p  (create a new POT file for new translations)
intltool-update xx  (update translation, where xx is your country code)

It is no violation at all to add extra strings to a translation. I have
done that for the Swedish translation of dasher. But I have only added
this missing file locally.


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