Re: Manager for Afrikaans translation team

Op Woensdag 2007-08-22 skryf Claude Paroz:
> Le mercredi 22 ao�07 �1:48 +0200, F Wolff a �it :
> > Op Maandag 2007-08-20 skryf Petri Jooste:


> > I have created my bugzilla account with that (this) email address. Is
> > anything else necessary at this stage? Can I request SVN commit access
> > now, or how would we submit translations in the meanwhile?
> Generally, it's appreciated when the applicant has already contributed
> before asking for an SVN account.
> But as you are known as an already translation-involved guy, I assume it
> shouldn't be a problem for you to apply rather soon... but it depends
> also on our beloved spokespersons ;-)

I understand about existing contributions, and I don't expect people to
make exceptions in my case. I just want to be sure we can submit
translations somehow in the meanwhile, so I will follow your recommended
approach for now. Some of the upcoming translations might not be my own
work, but I hope to build a reasonable level of trust as coordinator
soon enough.

> Meanwhile, you can also attach translations to bugzilla reports and ping
> the list (or me directly).
> Great to have you on board !
> Claude

Thanks! Our current aims will be modest, but hopefully we can make
steady, if slow, progress. Hopefully the team will grow.

Keep well

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