Re: Information to translators and question

On Sat, 9 Sep 2006, Abel Cheung wrote:
IMHO this is only an internim solution, not a permanent one, as
you would spend a lot of time syncing translation from ggz library
back and forth.

I agree.

Besides, many gnome translators get the pot/po file from, which (AFAIK) simply invoke intltool-update
to generate the pot/po files, thus your maneuver of pot file
would be all gone.

Who is responsible for Would it be possible to make intltool-update include strings for the ggz pot file, or give gnome-games special treatment on

One more thing, is including the translation inside gnome-games
enough to have localized ggz library?

Yes, it "just works".

Should ggz library be
modified in order to fetch translation from gnome-games
text domain, or I'm wrong?

No modification of GGZ is neccesary.

 - Andreas

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