Re: Pashto Translation Team of Gnome

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On 9/3/06, Mohammad Khalid Ameery <khalid paiwastoon com af> wrote:
> On 8/31/06, Mohammad Khalid Ameery <khalid paiwastoon com af> wrote:
>> Dear GTP members,
>> I have noticed that you have a Pashto Translation Team for Gnome
>> Translation Project. But I noticed that The name for that team is
>> "Pusto" which is wrong. The right spelling for this is "Pashto" which is
>> used every where and is also right according to Spelling rules.
> The ISO 639 registration authority uses the "Pushto" spelling for this
> English language name (see
> In GNOME, we use the ISO 639 spellings of language names in English.
> So if you want to change this, please convince the ISO 639 authority.
> Then, when they have adopted their recommendations, we can change to
> use the other spelling in GNOME.

I have already convinced the ISO 639 for the spelling. I wish they will
accept it.

Ok. Please let us know when they do.

>> What do
>> you think, is name of the team changeable or we should create another
>> team for this. I have sent and email to Ismail Maskani who is the only
>> coordinator at the Pushto Team to add me to this team, but I have no
>> reply from him. I want to start translation immediately because nothing
>> is done in Pashto translation yet. what should I do?
> Keep bugging him. If you get no reply, please let us know, and we'll
> halve to resolve this some other way.

I have no reply from him yet, I will continue sending him messages until I
have any reply from him. Till that I will download the translation files
and do my work offline. I will upload the translated files back when I am
added to team.

I haven't found any recent communications or activity by him either,
so I think we should proceed. What we usually do in these cases is
officially give the current language team coordinator a full week's
time to reply. In case the coordinator hasn't replied by a week, we
will continue with appointing some other coordinator for the affected
language team.

So, Ismail, please respond in a week from now, and please let us know
why you've been unable to respond earlier.

Khalid, please remind us (publically and on-list) when a week has
passed from now. Also, please let us know (publically and on-list)
whether you are volunteering for the new Pashto language team
coordinator position. Please read


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