Re: Request for UI and String freeze break for DoS bug

hi srini,

Am Freitag, den 17.11.2006, 11:59 +0530 schrieb Srinivasa Ragavan:
> If you receive a mail that has inline text of more than few MBs [Vary
> depending on your RAM/Swap size] it just hogs your desktop and Evolution
> is totally unusable after that.
> has the details about
> the bug. I have put a patch, which now shows a warning about the issue
> and gives a option to view the message unformatted/plain text or with an
> external viewer.
> I have attached a screen shot at the bugzilla. It will go to HEAD, but
> it will be nice, If I can push this to 2.8.2 which is due Monday. Can
> this be committed to STABLE?

i agree that this is a serious security issue, as evolution tries to be
smart and immediately starts rendering the same message again after
restarting the application. users currently don't have a chance to get
evolution running again without changing gconf keys.

however, as discussed on irc, this is a hackish workaround, but not a
fix for the underlying issue of the problem that "view->message source"
uses gtkhtml (otherwise the output of this command could be used to be
displayed in the message preview pane/message window instead of adding a
GtkTextArea), and another underlying issue of your workaround, namely
that GtkTextArea dies when increasing the size of that text widget
(according to srini), so i either have to scroll around like mad to read
that message source, or i have to open an external application.

so, if you
1. can explain whether this DoS issue can only happen to emails? if
   so, please change the string "Evolution cannot render this as it
   is too large to handle. You can view it unformatted or with an
   external viewer." to something like "Evolution cannot render
   this email as it is too large to handle. You can view it
   unformatted or with an external text editor." to make the
   translators' lifes a bit easier (think of different genders and
   personal pronouns of the term "email" in other languages!)
2. explain whether there's any difference between "unformatted" and
   "message source" from a user's point of view (not from a
   developer's point of view, i don't care about MIME parsers)?
   if there isn't, please change the three affected messages by only
   using the term "message source" as already used by evolution in
   its menu, instead of introducing another term,
3. fix the typo at "em_format_format_tex(emf, stream, part)",
4. promise to try to work out the underlying issue 1) for the next
   major release (evo 2.10),

i'd probably vote for getting this in, though i'm not really happy. :-/


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