Re: New Lithuanian team coordinator


Sk, 2006 05 28 11:56 +0200, Danilo Åegan raÅÄ:

> > On Lithuanian translator's mailing list Åygimantas BeruÄka said that he
> > would like to resign from team coordinator's position.
> We need him to confirm that he agrees with this change.

Yes, I confirm that due to some innner conflicts between me and some
people from Open Source for Lithuania I'm retiring from GNOME
translations. I believe this change is for good.

> Åygimantas, do you want to step-down from your role of Lithuanian
> translation team coordinator?
> Also, if so, would you have any objections against allowing Tomas to
> take over?

It's a bit complex situation. I don't want to insult anyone, and want to
see as much people working on GNOME as possible, however I have to say
that I see Tomas as a great translator, I don't see him as great in
being good coordinator, though. As for the last few years Lithuanian
translation was mainly a one man effort, I want to see the change in
this. Unfortunately, I don't see any real benefits for the team in
replacing me with Tomas, as translation model would remain the same, I
have another candidate instead - Gintautas Miliauskas. Few months ago, I
have made him an owner of Lithuanian Ubuntu translators team, when I
left it. As he is doing a lot of things in Free software world, I even
suggest to grant him CVS access just right after his confirmation that
he is volunteering.

> > I want to be a new Gnome Lithuanian team coordinator.
> I am glad that we already have a volunteer, and expecting that this
> change goes on without any further problems, I'm welcoming you.  :)
> Even so, perhaps you'll want to continue working with Åygimantas until
> you get your own CVS account (and he can probably vouch for you[1]).

As I'm retiring, he would like to continue working with Gintautas
instead. ;)

> Lithuanian translation team seems to be standing pretty well[2], so I
> trust that whatever Åygimantas says/recommends will be good for both
> Gnome and Lithuanian community.

As this trend continues for nearly three years already (hurray for us!),
I would be very proud of new people, new team if they would continue
this, not to mention that there's also a lot of space for improvement.

...Gintas, step up for this ;)


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