Re: New Lithuanian team coordinator

Hi Tomas, Åygimantas,

On Friday at 11:50, Tomas Kuliavas wrote:

> On Lithuanian translator's mailing list Åygimantas BeruÄka said that he
> would like to resign from team coordinator's position.

We need him to confirm that he agrees with this change.

Åygimantas, do you want to step-down from your role of Lithuanian
translation team coordinator?

Also, if so, would you have any objections against allowing Tomas to
take over?

> I want to be a new Gnome Lithuanian team coordinator.

I am glad that we already have a volunteer, and expecting that this
change goes on without any further problems, I'm welcoming you.  :)

Even so, perhaps you'll want to continue working with Åygimantas until
you get your own CVS account (and he can probably vouch for you[1]).

> I am computer system admin from Lithuania and SquirrelMail webmail
> interface developer. My Gnome translations were submitted by Åygimantas
> two-three years ago.

Lithuanian translation team seems to be standing pretty well[2], so I
trust that whatever Åygimantas says/recommends will be good for both
Gnome and Lithuanian community.



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