Re: New team for Dhivehi (dv)

On 5/14/06, Sofwathullah Mohamed <smohamed wataniya-maldives com> wrote:
Thank you for adding the entry. I would like to point out that we need
to change the English language name for the language as "Dhivehi" as its
spelled as Dhivehi (

While I know that the ISO 639 registration authority[1] isn't always right, we've been rather strict in the past about using the registration authority's English spelling of languages. So I think the right course of action is for you to first get in contact with the registration authority regarding the spelling in this case, and ask for the spelling to be changed, or alternatively, ask for the alternative spelling to be added in addition to the other one.

Other language groups have done this in the past and succeeded, so it
shouldn't be impossible. When the registration authority has issued an
update with the other spelling, then please let us know so that we can
change the GNOME listings.

Thanks, Christian


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