Re: New team for Dhivehi (dv)

On 5/14/06, Inash Zubair <inash leptone com> wrote:
Hi Christian,

Actually we're the same usergroup. It was a coincidence. Anyhow the coordinator
for the language dv-MV will be Sofwathullah Mohamed. If you need any more
information please let me know. You can cc the corresponding emails to
Sofwathullah as well.

Thank you.

Ok, thanks for clarifying!

Support for Divehi [dv] is most welcome in GNOME. I've added Sofwatullah's
name and e-mail address to the teams page at

now. I have also added a Divehi [dv] component at

Please verify that both these listings are correct.

I used the "Divehi" spelling of the English language name, as that is
what the ISO 639 registration authority seems to be using

Please ask around on this mailing list or at the IRC channel #i18n on if you need help getting started. An introduction to the
translation process can be found at

Again, thanks, and welcome, Christian

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