Re: New Georgian coordinator: Vladimer Sichinava

Hello Danilo,

On ááá, 2006-02-18 at 14:40 +0100, Danilo Åegan wrote:
> Hi Vladimer,
> Ok, we haven't heard from Aiet yet, and he's lost his chance now, so I
> am appointing you as the new Georgian coordinator: welcome!  Please
> check that the listing at 
> is correct (if you have a team page, be sure to URL as well).
> I've also sent a mail in private to you with a request for Bugzilla
> details. Bugzilla is our bug tracker that we use for tracking bug
> reports in software, and, in this case also translations. Please reply
> to that mail as soon as possible.
> Other than that, please ask around on this mailing list or at the IRC
> channel #i18n on if you need help getting started. An
> introduction to the translation process can be found at
> We expect you first to contribute a couple of translations before
> you'll get your own CVS account: ask people around #i18n on IRC or on
> this list to commit translations for you before you get an account.
> There is almost a month till the release now, and we are in string
> freeze, so I suggest you work on Gnome 2.14 branch:

We will contact people on #i18n and try to commit our translations soon.

> I still hope you'll be able to make use of all the work Aiet did here:
I have dowloaded and tested some of this translations...

I think there is a mistake in statistic generation script because most
of gnome-* translations have only fuzzy and almost NO translated

For example evolution(51%) has max 1-2% translated entries. Fuzzy
strings are automaticaly pre-translated and ~95% not usable because very
bad "dictionary" was used.

Me and Vladimer are using kbabel and we have a lot of similar fuzzy
auto-translatied entries but they are at least 30% usable for
translators :)

OK... i just want to say that we can't use translations from :(

Best Regards,

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