Re: New Georgian coordinator: Vladimer Sichinava

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Gia,

Today at 16:30, Gia Shervashidze wrote:

here is our (GIA community) pre-contribution:
some preliminary engine for Gnome g13n (georgianization) LOCAL
development -
and full translation of 6 files (more than 2,000 strings) from
developer-libs -
atk, at-spi, gail, glib, gtk+, gtk+-properties
others (i hope) coming soon.

I actually hope Vladimir will be our main point of contact here, and
that he will provide us with translations instead.

Thank all for your trust!
The unic thing is that my english is too weak! :) I speak Georgian, Italian, Russian :)
But very badly English :) Sometimes I need a dictionary to complain several things!
But, when I read I understand almost everything! :)


*copyleft Danilo Šegan :P

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