Re: Orca Spanish translation

Hi Francisco:

> I have observed you have been commiting spanish translations to orca
> directly without sending us a notice. The Spanish GNOME localization
> team is working with ONCE, (a Spanish blind people organization) to make
> orca localization consistent with other assistive technologies that are
> being deployed in Spain and other Hispanoamerican countries.

Sorry about that.  The translations I received also came from someone
affiliated with ONCE, Jorge Sandin, who also contributed some new (and
useful) GUI work.

> We seek to encourage collaboration among all the implied parties, just
> to avoid duplication of work, so we suggest instead of commiting the
> files, sending them to our list for revision, and we will take care of
> it as soon as possible.

You bet.  Again, sorry if crossed some boundaries without realizing it.


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