Re: Glade: closing stable branch

Thanks for the notice, status page was updated.

Tristan Van Berkom írta:
   We released Glade 3.0.3 this morning with some final bugfixes and
some updated and new translations, we dont plan on making any more
releases in 3.0, so I'm closing the glade3-3-0-branch from development
(I guess if people really wanted some kind of crucial bugfix that we
missed, it would warrant a 3.0.4 release, but I'm not planning on it).

Development will continue in HEAD and we are targeting gnome 2.18 for
the next stable release of Glade (3.2).

I guess the most important part of this email is for translation teams,
please go back to translating HEAD (note that I have indeed ported all
changes from the stable branch back into HEAD at this time, including
translations, it should be safe ;-)).

Cheers all,

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