Re: Problem with plural forms

Yesterday at 15:03, Matic Žgur wrote:

> I have a problem with plural forms and placeholders. I don't quite know
> what to do because every time I run msgfmt, it outputs an error. Bellow
> are the strings which are relevant:

Note that msgfmt -c in recent GNU gettext releases (0.15 and newer)
became stricter, so you sometimes indeed have to add %d.  Because of
bug references, this might not be the issue in this case.

> As you can see, in original message %d is only present in plural but not
> in singular form. The same situation in translated message. The first
> line (singular form) doesn't contain %d, every other line does contain
> it. It should be OK, but it isn't. I might solve the problem by putting
> %d in the first line but I don't know if that is alright. Any
> suggestion?

In general, you should use %d in such messages since for Slovenian,
the first message will be used for 1, 101, 201 as well (if I read the
plural formula correctly).


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