Re: Committing press release (was: Re: Press Release VI

> Thankyou for your prompt and helpful reply, Murray. :)
> On 05/09/2005, at 7:16 PM, Murray Cumming wrote:
>> Yes, and there (under docbook/) you should see directories for other
>> locales, such as de. And now you even see a directory for your vi
>> locale,
>> because I added the .po file that you sent. I did.
> I see it. :)  Thankyou.
>> $ mkdir vi
>> $ cvs add vi
>> $ cp /home/murrayc/your_vi.po vi/vi.po
>> $ cd vi
>> $ cvs add vi.po
>> Then I edited the ChangeLog (in start/2.12), and did a
>> $ cvs commit -m "copy of my changelog entry".
> I can do all this if I know where to do it. I currently have the
> press release and release notes in separate directories at the top of
> my Gnome working copy. Where should they be? Or doesn't it matter?

They are both under

> For example, I have separate second-level (under gnome) directories
> for gnome-2-10, gnome-2-12 and HEAD. I just can't work out where the
> docs directories fit in with this. I would still use a branch with
> both these docs, because they're gnome-2-12?

No, the gnomeweb-wml module does not have branches like the software
source code.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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