Re: Starting Kirghiz translation

Timur Zhamakeev wrote:

2005/10/27, Simos Xenitellis <simos74 gmx net>:

Timur Zhamakeev wrote:

On 10/26/05, Simos Xenitellis <simos74 gmx net> wrote:

Timur Zhamakeev wrote:

I am starting the Kirghiz (also knows as Kyrgyz) translation of GNOME.
I have already registered as the team leader for Kirghiz (ky), see

Could you please add a section for Kirghiz translations at the statistic

How can I commit my translations?
Should I have CVS access?

Hi Timur,
For the first few translations, it is common to send your translations
to someone who already has CVS access.
Therefore, feel free to send me your .po files to submit.

I have already added your first translation for "yelp".
You can view it at

Could someone add Kirghiz ("ky") to the statistics page?

Thanks for joining the Localisation of GNOME,

Hi Simos!

The stat page for Kirghiz already added, but in
for Kirghiz language is displaying only language code (ky) and we
should add also language name as Kirghiz or Kyrgyz.

Please commit another Kirghiz po file, it goes as attach.


Available at


Hi Simos!

I'm sending you another Gnome Kyrgyz translation. Please commit it.

Done Timur.


I also added "ky" to the supported languages for "eel" (as well as with bug-buddy and yelp) in,
as shown at
As shown in this page, the supported languages are listed in the long line of language codes.
The list has to be alphabetic.


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