Re: [gnome-screensaver] Updated French translation

On 10/28/05, Christophe Merlet <redfox redfoxcenter org> wrote:
> >>Here is an updated French translation of the gnome-screensaver...
> >>As "Redfox" (latest committer) seems to be dead :-(
> >
> > Hmm.
> > Christophe, are you alive? Otherwise we might need a new French coordinator.
> No no, I'm not dead.
> Can I have more than 2 weeks for checking and commiting new translation?

Do you have to review everything yourself? It seems to me that for a
large team, having a small set of trusted people that the coordinator
can appoint, and who then have the authority to review and commit on
their own, might be a reasonable thing to do. Surely there must be
some other translators in the French team that are experienced and can
be trusted, and who could be given some authority.

The important thing is that new contributors are not left under the
impression that their contributions end up in a "black hole", but that
their contribution is actually being reviewed.

I fully realize that having total control and "everything must go
through me" is often a good way to acheive consistent and good quality
translations, but there's only so much a single person can review, and
for big teams with many new contributors, such a bottleneck might
actually be a serious problem.


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