Re: question related to commiting in 2.12 and 2.14 branches

Asprayama N wrote:

Hello, as I understand when I am doing cvs -z3 co
packagename then I have po file from 2.14 branch.
I edited it and commited, its now browsable at
So, I have to questions.
Howto checkout gnome 2.12 po files?

Have a look at
The "branch" column signifies the "version" of the package that is used in the specific GNOME version.
For example, for gnome-desktop, the branch is "gnome-2-12",
therefore, to check it out you need to add "-r gnome-2-12" to the cvs checkout command.
More on how to specify the branch of a software package is available at
You will notice that for GNOME 2.14 (
the branch is marked as "HEAD" which means that you do not have to specify a particular branch in the cvs command.

And another, when I edited many lines in file from
2.14 branch should I edit same lines in 2.12?
Is there some program that can change 2.12 po file so
I do not need edit it line by line again?

I am afraid that in 2.14 there are new lines which
diesn't exist in 2.12

I noticed that you are starting the the Armenian translation.
If you plan to complete the Armenian GNOME translations in the following 4-6 months (or longer), I would recommend
to focus only on version 2.14.
It will be substantially more work to translate at the same time both targets.

If you have a very special reason to work on 2.12 as well, there are command line utilities as part of the gettext package that can allow you to merge/update PO files. For more on this, see and the section on updating PO files.


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