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On 17/05/2005, at 6:26 AM, Jaap Haitsma wrote:

You probably heard about this but I couldn't find anything in the mailing list archives.

Anyway Rosetta [1][2] is a web based translation tool for linux apps. This makes it very easy for people to contribute to translations. If you read [2] you even see that they will support glossaries to make terms like File, Edit etc. consistent across applications.

It seems to me a very good idea if GNOME would start to do it's translations via rosetta because the hurdle to contribute for people is really low.

Jaap, I've spent some time working on both Rosetta (Ubuntu) and Pootle (the translate project at Sourceforge).

I would recommend Pootle very strongly over Rosetta, because:

1. Its developers are very responsive to user needs, and are continually improving it
2. It is already a very useful online translation tool.
3. I believe it is much more effective and adaptable than Rosetta
4. It is OSS, free software: Rosetta is not
5. the Pootle community is very enthusiastic and welcoming.
6. They will have glossary support, CVS/SVN dynamic currency, user-modifiable interface etc.

On the surface they are both online translation tools, but below the surface, there are several very important differences.

I've used Pootle, now, to do several types of translation, and the developers have gone out of their way on every occasion to help me out, implement new features I wanted, and encourage my projects.

I'd recommend Pootle to anyone looking at an online translation tool. It really does share the load, and make collaborative translation not only possible, but effective.

from Clytie (vi-VN, team/nhÃm Gnome-vi)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

á thÃnh phá Renmark, tái mián sÃng cáa Nam Ãc

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