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On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 11:14:48PM +0800, Funda Wang wrote:

> GB18030-2000 covers Uighur. So, any fonts covers GB18030-2000 would be
> fine.

GB18030 is the same as unicode (exact same character set, just
a different ordering).
So far I hasn't seen ever a font covering *all* of unicode (even BMP).

But, for Gtk2/pango programs, that is not a problem at all, as pango
can get different scripts from different fonts in a nice way.
What is needed however is a font covering the arabic scripts with all
the characters needed for Uyghur.

You can test it with the word: ØÛÙØÛØÚÛ
("uyghurcha", Uyghur in the language itself)
it has several characters that are not in basic arabic script
and that most fonts lack:
U064A+U0654 or U+0678: yeh with hamza above (I don't know which one
	should be used for Uyghur; so far I have better display results
	with the decomposed form)
U+06C7: waw with waw above (letter u)
U+0686: tcheh
U+06D5: sort of tah marbutah without dots (letter ae)

U+06C7 and U+06D5 are missing in most fonts, or their shaping is wrong.

> Red Hat provides ZhongYi, and Novell/SUSE provides FounderFonts. Both

Can you check that the above words displays correctly with those
fonts? You can look at:
the 3d and 4th is how it should look (well, with the two last
letters better linking each other, and in third line the "u" letter
doesn't link nicely either, but at least it has the right shape)
1st and 2nd lines are examples of complelty wrong display. 
Actually 3d and 4th are bad too, as they are a mix of two different
fonts, and the result is bad for that, but at least it is readable
and gives an idea of how it should look like.

> of them are commercial fonts, but can be used freely by the users of
> those operating systems. AFAIK, there might be somebody who was creating
> free fonts of Uighur, which was expected to be released under BSD
> license.

That's good news.

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