Reverted location name change in po-locations

I've reverted the following change in gnome-

	2005-03-03  Martin Willemoes Hansen  <mwh sysrq dk>

        	* Renamed Copenhagen to København.


Names on Locations in the po-locations database are supposed to be the
English ones, if such exist. Please see if
you are unsure on what names should be in there.

To the best of my knowledge, "Copenhagen" is the English name for the
capital of Denmark, while "København" is the native name. Thus, the name
"Copenhagen" is what should be in the locations database, since this
city has an established English name.

If you are not sure on what name changes are appropriate for the
locations database, or have better suggestions that you aren't entirely
sure of, please file bug reports. Don't go change stuff unless you're
sure, especially now when we're only a few days from release and
changing means giving dozens of other translators much extra work.


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