Re: Translating release notes

Hi Abel,

Yesterday at 19:02, Abel Cheung wrote:

> Looks like one small piece of puzzle is missing: the instruction
> (REAMDE_translators.txt) didn't tell translator to update xml2po to CVS
> version.

You're right, I should have added that!  I've added it now (not that
it would help you).

> It took me some time to figure out before reading this thread :-$

I'm terribly sorry, I know that I have caused some problems for many
translators of release notes, but there's no better way to stress test
xml2po than to test it in real world applications. :)

The original idea was not to find so many subtle bugs in it in the
meantime, and with fixing one unrelated bug (it didn't affect release
notes), I introduced another which actually affected release notes.

If all went fine, you wouldn't have had to worry about xml2po
version.  Again, terribly sorry about that.


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