Re: Translating release notes

Today at 19:21, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> How many are the strings in total? 243 or 260?

Uhm, 230, afaik :)

Some 13 strings were duplicated (so it was 243) because of the above
omission in (actually, it's much deeper than that, but I
simply changed this so translators wouldn't have to change their
translations now). 

> Currently our el.po shows 260, I'll read up again the post about how to
> fix manually and complete it.

Be sure to use the latest CVS HEAD version of xml2po when testing.
That gave me completely translated xml-el/release-notes.xml (along
with other files).  There was another bugfix in CVS where these
messages didn't have figure references in them when merged.


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