Re: is there any use to keep translating gnome 2.10?

Hi Carlos,

Yesterday at 20:46, Carlos Perellà MarÃn wrote:

> I can tell you that we are developing a script in Ubuntu to get
> translations from GNOME's CVS into our system so we will get all updates
> after release as we provide translation updates after release. That
> means that any translation added to GNOME a 2.x release will be used in
> Ubuntu. Of course, my opinion is that after last minor release from
> GNOME, you should give preference to next major GNOME release.

What are you going to do with string freeze breakages?  I.e. if you
ship a tarball which has "_Borwse", and it's later fixed in CVS and
translations are updated, this is going to end up untranslated, right? 

Following the schedule goes three ways: it helps maintainers, it helps
translators and it helps distributors.

> So for instance, my recommendation is that, after 2.10.3 is released,
> you should concentrate on 2.11 and take care of the 2.10 branches only
> after you have 2.11 in a good status.

Current roadmap[1] lists nothing but 2.10.1 which has already been


[1]htt p://

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