Re: Language switcher applet

Germán Poó Caamaño wrote:

Le jeudi 21 juillet 2005 à 22:23 +0700, Ross Golder a écrit :

I now use GNOME from day-to-day in my secondary language (Thai). I've
found it has helped me practice reading/typing Thaiscript (a non-Roman
alphabet) and is improving my Thai vocabulary. However, from
time-to-time I come across a translated error message (in Thai) that I
don't understand (yet!). Wouldn't it be great if I could switch the
displayed language of all the GNOME applications on the screen with a
language switcher applet, as easily as you can switch the keyboard
layout between US and Thai (and British when I need a pound sign!). Not
only would it let me get on quicker, but it would also help me improve
my language skills, as I could spend a moment each time I get stuck
flicking between the two languages and learn the words and the meaning
of the phrases without having to resort to the dictionary :)

I can think of tons of cases where this feature would be useful and it
would be yet another cool feature that all the other desktops don't have
(yet, afaik). So, I'm just wondering if it can be done and what would be

I can comment another case. In my desktop on my job I use French, as
the same plan as you (my native language is Spanish). However, when I
run synaptic (the software to update/upgrade my Debian/Ubuntu machine),
but when I need to answer a dialog, I'd like to see the dialog in
English (because I could break my machine if I misundertood a dialog).

I would recommend to first search GNOME Bugzilla and if not found, make a bugzilla report on this, as an RFE (Request For Enhancement).
I remember this being discussed in the list at least for a couple of times.


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