Re: access keys

Yesterday at 21:00, Christian Rose wrote:

> I would strongly recommend *not* doing it like that in the general case.

I second this.

> But if you're using a script where you expect it will be as easy to
> input native characters as English ones, you should use easy-to-remember
> characters that are part of the translation. E.g.:

And one should add that Gtk+ specifically has code to handle this
better than most other environments can (read: Windows).  If a user
has loaded proper keyboard layouts using XKB "groups" (layouts
in Gnome keyboard preferences), then when you press eg. Ctrl+Ð
(Cyrillic DE), it will also activate wherever Ctrl+D is needed, but it
also works the other way around (which is more interesting here):
pressing Alt+D will also activate (for me, with "srp(latin)" and "srp"
layouts loaded) Alt+Ð, so I can freely use Cyrillic access modifiers
in menus.

I simply don't think that we need to expose too much of the original
English design in our translations, except where such design is the
point itself (eg. in a program "Teach yourself English" :).


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