Re: Thai Numbering in gnome-doc-utils

On Sunday at 4:59, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:

> I'm going to translate gnome-doc-utils into Thai and find
> two required Thai numberings are missing. One is Thai alphabetical,
> and the other is Thai decimal digits.

I've had a similar problem with Serbian.  My solution is on:

Basically, I define a string containing Serbian alphabet in
alphabetical order, and use that to numerate stuff. It won't work with
decomposed characters, but it should work for a fairly wide number of
cases (and it seems it would work for Thai: just remember to replace
30 with alphabet length as well). 

I'd like it if someone made this more "general" (i.e. you just call a
template with "alphabet" string -- there is another XSL function which
can be used to calculate string length so you don't need to hardcode
it as I did [30 in my case]).


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