Re: Committing to branches :(

On à., 2005-08-30 at 15:37 +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> >
> > The above link shows you've recently committed to HEAD. Note the
> > Branches/Tags column, which shows which branch a commit is made on.
> Oh, @#$%, I want to commit to the gnome-2-12 branch. I just tried re- 
> checking out the whole gnome-2-12/gdm2/po directory, and recommitting  
> my edited file, so I'll see if that works, I suppose. Do you need to  
> use a branch when writing "cvs commit"? I don't think I needed that  
> when I was committing to gnome-2-10, and that worked OK.

You don't need to specify the branch when committing, as your working
directory will already be associated with a particular branch (or just
HEAD) as indicated by the CVS/Tag file.


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