Re: Pootle (was: Re: rosetta)

Hello Clytie,

> Pootle already does. :)

This is good news.  Does Pootle also offer GNOME Glossary translation module?

Will it be possible to automatically translate the phrases once the
Glossary in translated?

Very important issue would be to register official Gnonme l10n
coordinators for appropriate languages, so that the coordinatord have
a right to approve translations, assign possibler tasks ans upload
updated or already translated PO files, so that we avoid multiple
unofficial translation projects, many people wotking on the same
module at the same time.

Also, it would be very handy if the Gnome project in Pootle would show
the appropriate link to the language's official Gnome team page, where
userwould get all the infos, style and glossary hints, as well as
infos about priorities and assigned tasks.

Best regards,
Aiet Kolkhi

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