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On Sat, 2005-08-20 at 01:48 +0400, Aiet Kolkhi wrote:
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> As Rosetta already offers GNOME translatable modules to everyone, I
> guess the official Gnome coordinators should be appointed as the
> module owners automatically.

We (Rosetta team) are working on it, we have a GNOME team and we blocked
the GNOME translations only to GTP members, but the team creation and
imports takes sometime.

> This would avoid two people working on the same module and would
> increase the localization intergration.
> Also, as GNOME advises l10n teams to work on the glossary first, it
> would be very handy if Rosetta would offer TM (Translation Memory),
> and a link to the official Gnome l10n teams page, where newbie user
> would get all the language-specific support and information in local
> language.

We already have a start of a translation memory showing you all
translations we have in other modules when the msgid is the same. It's
just a start and is far from being real translation memory, but we are
moving into that direction, don't worry.

> Another question I have is about the official status of Rosetta as
> GNOME online l10n tool.  Having Rosetta offering GNOME modules for
> translation, does this mean that GNOME project chose Rosetta as the
> official online translation tool?  Or does this mean similar tools
> like Pootle are free to offer GNOME translatable modules to the users?

No, GTP is not using Rosetta officially, but we are working on automatic
imports into Rosetta with permissions set to official translation teams
so they can use Rosetta if they want to. It's their choice, we are going
to offer it like Kbabel or GTranslator, just another tool to help the
GNOME Translations.

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