Re: String freeze for 2.10.1

Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
fre, 01 04 2005 kl. 13:36 +0200, skrev Terance Edward Sola:

When will be the final date to submit translations for 2.10.1 ?

Gnome 2.10.x is in string freeze forever, which mean that Gnome 2.10.1
is also in string freeze and .2, .3 etc. also is.

But I'm not sure when Gnome 2.10.1 will be released though.

Do all package maintainers roll new tar balls for every GNOME 2.10.x release? I.e., are we certain that translations submitted in time will be published?

-- Åsmund Skjæveland { aasmunds fys uio no }

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