Re: Gnome documentation for translation

Heya Carlos,

Today at 11:54, Carlos Perellà MarÃn wrote:

> On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 10:30 +0100, Danilo Åegan wrote:

>> There's currently only one problem that I see with automatically
>> building statistics using xml2po: we don't have lists of XML files
>> that need translation for each module yet.
> Why don't integrate it with intltool and use a file?
> When it's dockbook intltool could call xml2po and that's it...

There's an idea! :)

But we have not decided on the directory layout yet, and I plan to do
that with Shaun the first chance we get (i.e. tommorow :).  

Though, it still means populating those files manually :-)

Integrating it with intltool is not a problem once we decide on
directory structure, at least not for statistics (merging step is a
bit more involved, and I'd rather not do it through intltool, since
that's where new documentation build system fits in).

There would also need to be more changes (i.e. all DocBook documents
tend to have ".xml" name endings, which is already used for XML mode
in intltool; xml2po directly produces PO/POT files and not .h files,
so we'd have intltool-update simply run xml2po with appropriate
parameters), or at least docs/po/ would be more complicated
(it would hold lines like "[gettext/docbook]C/guide.xml" instead of
simply "C/guide.xml").

>> Another big problem would be providing a machine which would be able
>> to carry the load of regenerating all the PO files periodically
>> (basically, what Carlos has done with machine
>> for regular translations).
> That's not a problem, my current server can handle more load without
> problems.

Excellent, so we've at least got a machine to useâpraise to the
all-mighty Carlos :)


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