Re: Gnome documentation for translation

Hi Francisco,

Today at 0:51, Francisco Javier F. Serrador wrote:

> I have good news. The Spanish Gnome l10n Project grows with 5
> translators more, so now, I think we can try to get a completely
> localized desktop, including Gnome Help files.

Great news!

> To achieve this objective I think we need some support. I'm thinking
> about an easy way to deal with all our documentation, using our current
> tools, and integrating them in the release process.

Yes, that's what gnome-doc-utils is all about (well, that and shared
stylesheets and xml2po).

> My idea is to use xml2po to convert docs to po and show them through a
> web interface. This will help us to realize when a doc has changed.
> Danilo, what do you think about using your python implementation of
> xml2po to build a documentation stadistics site?

That's what it should support without problems.  We're going to try to
make use of gnome-doc-utils new documentation build system and xml2po
on Gnome Love day: that's tommorow, starting from 16:00 UTC.

I'll be there to fix any issues that will come up with xml2po (I'm
sure there will be some :), and Shaun will be there to help with Yelp
and gnome-doc-utils hacking.

There's currently only one problem that I see with automatically
building statistics using xml2po: we don't have lists of XML files
that need translation for each module yet.

Another big problem would be providing a machine which would be able
to carry the load of regenerating all the PO files periodically
(basically, what Carlos has done with machine
for regular translations).


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