GnomeMeeting 1.2 Release

Dear translators,
the GnomeMeeting Development team would like to make a new release of
GnomeMeeting in the very beginning of December.
The string freeze has been effective since yesterday, Saturday the 20th
of November and will stay like this for the next two weeks, till Sunday
05th of December 23h59.
As usual we would like to release GnomeMeeting with the most translated
strings as possible.
Thanks in advance for your work in translating GnomeMeeting.


PS: As I am CCing the list of people translating GnomeMeeting before it
was officially integrated to the Gnome Desktop and thus the Gnome
Translation Project, for those not subscribed to te gnome-i18n-ml, some
people will receive this mail twice. Please contact me so I will be able
to remove you from my original  contact list.

Fabrice Alphonso <fabrice alphonso dyndns org>

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