Re: gimp/po-script-fu

Hi Sven,

Today at 15:38, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes:
>> Now the question is, would you want us to do such a change now,
>> about two weeks before the release, in the middle of string freeze?
>> Or would you prefer to see this postponed for the next development
>> cycle?
> There have been no responses so far. Should I interpret the silence as
> approval? I would really like to get these changes into GIMP 2.2 still.

I'd *personally* prefer it if it was fixed right away.  Though, this
is partly due to my having 1000 strings left to update to achieve
complete Gimp translation, where another 100 doesn't make a big
difference.  It's still up to you to estimate what effect this might
have on the number of complete Gimp translations in 2.2 time.

As for official approval, none can be given since Gimp is not bound
to follow string-freeze policies and such.  Unless, of course, you'd
want us to enforce such policy, but you'd have to tell us first :)


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