the ones of you who have ever translated The GIMP probably know that
there used to be a lot of those evil menu paths that need to be
translated. I am talking about strings of the form


which need to be translated with special care since there are lots of
scripts registering to this menu and all should end up in the same
translated menupath.

With GIMP 2.2 we eliminated this problem for plug-ins. A plug-in
registers it's menu entry separately from the menu path so you don't
need to worry about the menu path any longer. We didn't do this change
for Script-Fu yet, simply because there was a bug that kept it from
working. Now we have fixed this bug and I wonder if you would like us
to do this change for the scripts as well.

What exactly would this change mean? I used grep to come up with some
numbers. This change would affect 124 strings in po-script-fu.  These
strings are all of the form that I already used as an example above:

  "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Logos/_Particle Trace..."

These strings would become the following instead:


  "_Particle Trace..."

So the 124 menu paths that are probably quite a pain to translate
would become about 100 simple strings (there are a couple of scripts
with the same menu label but registered in different menus) plus about
20 simpler menu paths.  This change would make things easier for you
and it would remove a potential source of problems. These problems
(incorrect menu path translations) have frequently showed up in the
past so I would really like to see this fixed.

Now the question is, would you want us to do such a change now, about
two weeks before the release, in the middle of string freeze? Or would
you prefer to see this postponed for the next development cycle?


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