Re: formula for status pages

Hi Roozbeh,

Today at 14:22, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> I was looking at the top list
> ( in the status pages,
> and it seems that there is a funny thing happening there.

If it was really funny, we'd be laughing our asses off :)

> Look at entries 56 and 57, and you'll see for yourself. Nepali, with
> 7643 messages translated, has a higher percentage translated (33.46%)
> than Persian with 8850 messages translated (32.55%). Comparing with the
> total number of messages reported for Czech, the real numbers should be
> about 27% and 31%. What is happening?!

There's an error with generation of some POT file, so total message
count for different languages differs.  Try to find which module this
is (i.e. look for yellow bars in completely untranslated languages),
and fix either or translation-status.xml (or whatever
might be the problem).

It seems these modules have problems:
- gnome-vfs
- evolution
- evolution-data-server
- evolution-exchange
- gal
- gedit
- gnome-control-center
- gnome-desktop
- gnome-utils
- gtkhtml

These account for some 10k messages, so we can in theory see very
strange effects (or a translation with 10k total strings can be
treated as 50% translation, thus being ranked before some 14k
translation).  It'd be best if someone investigated what are the
problems with regeneration of these POT files.

I checked for gtkhtml, and it seems that GETTEXT_PACKAGE has been
changed to gtkhtml-3.6, so I (hope I) fixed it by adjusting
gnome-i18n/status/data/translation-status.xml properly.

If we switch to sorting by number of messages instead of percentages,
we'd have similar problem: languages with better percentage would
come out below those with worse percentage.  What is better, I'm not
sure (though, message count would work better for Serbian too :).


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