Re: i18n work needed for gnome-backgrounds

Hi Thomas,

Today at 16:03, Thomas Wood wrote:

> There is a slight technical aspect I overlooked here, which is that the
> gnome-background-properties doesn't support i18n of the xml files. The
> only fields that would be translated are the "name" fields, which as was
> pointed out to me, probably shouldn't be translated anyway (even if they
> can be).

Names should certainly be marked translatable (some may only
transcribe them, others might fully translate them, and others may
leave them as they are).   How many times did you see a movie with
untranslated original title?

I'm certain I'd translate things like "Weird Colours (GNOME Branded)"
(btw, you should use American English for strings, there's en_GB
translation team for "colours" etc.).

> Should the module stay untranslated? 

Not at all.  Any user-visible string which doesn't represent invariant
(eg. a filename, username, error code ...) should be marked for

> Would it be possible/advisable to
> add an extra build time argument to install a specific locale?

That already exists.  See GNU gettext info manual for more
information, or try building with LINGUAS environment variable
set (eg. LINGUAS="de sv" ./configure).  intltool doesn't respect it
yet, but that's a bug in it.


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