gtranslator branched


I'm about to commit some fairly major changes that have been sitting
around on my laptop for the last few months, so I've branched
gtranslator to preserve the last known stable version.

Further development will take place in HEAD and stable releases (if any)
will be made from the 'gnome-2-8' branch. Stable tarballs (if any) will
follow a '1.2.x' version convention, and development tarballs will
follow a '1.3.x' convention.

Basic overview of planned features for the 1.3 series include:

- Parse and write .po files using the new API in gettext (see
INSTALL.CVS file for more info - Thanks to Bruno Haible, maintainer of
gettext for his support).

- Ability to open multiple po files in tabs, just like 'gedit'.

- Remove use of any depracted GTK/GNOME APIs, and make better use of
newer APIs.

- General cruft removal to make maintenance easier, and footprint



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