Re: New group for translate to Quechua

Hello Cristian Rose,  
Thank you to respond to my message and excuse me to write in Spanish
and also excuse me for my not well English. I want to add myself to
project with the translation  Gnome to the Quechua language.
The Quechua is a language very spoken in the Andes region of the south
I am native of this region of south america, my family is from
Bolivia, all in my friends and all my family know about the Quechua.
I wait you can help me to begin with this hard and long task of translation.  
Thank you.  
Angel Javier Chulve.  

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 22:48:12 +0100, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:
> sön 2004-11-14 klockan 18.22 skrev Angel Javier Chulve:
> > Hola,
> > Mi Nombre es Angel JAvier Chulve, Nací y vivo en Buenos Aires -
> > Argentina, pero mis padres son de Bolivia todos mis familiares tanto
> > del lado de padre y de mi madre hablan el Quechua como lengua Materna
> > yo no hablo en forma fluida el idioma Quechua pero lo entiendo  y
> > tengo muchas ganas de comenzar a trabajar en la traduccion de Gnome y
> > otros programas libres.
> >
> > Espero sus comentarios y gracias por su tiempo.
> Hi! Please translate the above to English -- gnome-i18n is an
> English-language mailing list. I myself do not understand Spanish, and I
> imagine there are several others on this list who also don't speak that
> language.
> Also, please consider subscribing to the mailing list (you can do that
> on We require team
> coordinators to be subscribed, so that they get the information they
> need when it comes to the translation of GNOME. Ideally, we would want
> all translators to be subscribed, but at the very least team
> coordinators need to be subscribed.
> Christian

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