Re: New group for translate to Quechua

On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 22:48 +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> sön 2004-11-14 klockan 18.22 skrev Angel Javier Chulve:
> > Hola,
> > Mi Nombre es Angel JAvier Chulve, Nací y vivo en Buenos Aires -
> > Argentina, pero mis padres son de Bolivia todos mis familiares tanto
> > del lado de padre y de mi madre hablan el Quechua como lengua Materna
> > yo no hablo en forma fluida el idioma Quechua pero lo entiendo  y
> > tengo muchas ganas de comenzar a trabajar en la traduccion de Gnome y
> > otros programas libres.
> > 
> > Espero sus comentarios y gracias por su tiempo.
> Hi! Please translate the above to English -- gnome-i18n is an
> English-language mailing list. I myself do not understand Spanish, and I
> imagine there are several others on this list who also don't speak that
> language.
> Also, please consider subscribing to the mailing list (you can do that
> on We require team
> coordinators to be subscribed, so that they get the information they
> need when it comes to the translation of GNOME. Ideally, we would want
> all translators to be subscribed, but at the very least team
> coordinators need to be subscribed.
> Christian

The message, with some translation changes, says:


My name Angel Javier Chulve.  I was born and still live in Buenos Aires,
Argentina, but my parents are from Bolivia.  All my relatives from
father and mother side speak Quechua as their first language.  I don't
speak fluently that language but I can understand it.  I am eager to
start working on the translation of Gnome and other free software.

Thanks for your time and I wait for comments.

Hope this helps,

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