Re: String freeze breakages in procman

fre 2004-11-12 klockan 22.32 skrev Benoît Dejean:
> > 	Add/
> > #	Change	String				ViewCVS link
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > 1	C	"System resources monitor"
> > 2	C	"%s (thread)"
> > 3	A	"Benoît Dejean - maintainer"
> > 4	A	"Zombie"
> > 5	A	"Uninterruptible"
> so what ? revert ? unmark ?
> revert the 2 C, then branch and add the 3 A ?

As I said, I think you can leave the two changed ones in, as reverting
them at this point would probably cause more harm than good.

Regarding the added ones, if any of those could be reverted then that
would probably be the best. Are there any of those that you feel are
very important and where you would prefer those to stay in? If they fix
important bugs and are absolutely necessary for the fixes to those bugs,
please say so. We wouldn't want to revert into a buggy state.
Otherwise, if you can, please revert all the three added strings. Sorry
for the trouble.

> i think procman 2.8.0 was released to early (no maintainer, 2.7.x
> released as it). i'm a bit annoyed by string freeze because i haven't
> planed anything for 2.10, meaning i have to branch only for strings.

If you can live without these three added strings, and any other added
or changed strings for 2.10, there would be no need to branch. On the
other hand, if you branch, you are free of the freeze restrictions and
can have fun by developing without restrictions again in HEAD.

Note that it's not only string freeze that's currently in effect for
GNOME 2.8, but also the UI freeze and feature freeze. If any of these
added strings also represent changes in the UI, then it's possible that
they also break the UI freeze, since they would possibly affect
documentation and screenshots in documentation. Thus, you would probably
also want to take the other GNOME 2.8 freezes into account when
considering if to branch or not.

Of course, it all depends on what your plans for procman currently are,
and what they will be in the future.


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