String freeze breakages in procman

Hello Benoît,

GNOME 2.8 is in many ways frozen; it is also string frozen
( and will
forever remain so (please see the schedule on The string freeze requires explicit
approval in advance from the GTP team on any translateable string
addition or translateable string change
so that translators have a stable, fixed target to work on, or
eventually a target to consider done for that matter.

Since procman is part of GNOME 2.8, and procman hasn't yet branched off
for GNOME 2.8 in a stable "gnome-2-8" branch yet, this means that the
string freeze and other GNOME 2.8 freezes still apply to procman HEAD.

It seems that there has been at least five cases of translateable
strings being added or being changed in procman HEAD during the last
month. Since I didn't do my work properly, I only discovered this now.

I've listed those changes below. Please let us know if any of the string
additions can be reverted. Normally we would also prefer if the string
changes could be reverted, but since so much time has passed I guess
many translators have already updated their translations, and that
reverting the string changes at this point would cause more harm than
leaving them in.

I would also suggest at least taking branching off for gnome-2-8 into
consideration. This would let you continue procman development on HEAD
without worrying about any GNOME 2.8 freezes, and would of course let
you reintroduce the added messages on HEAD. Important things to remember
when branching are listed at

In any case, here's the list of the five unapproved string

#	Change	String				ViewCVS link
1	C	"System resources monitor"
2	C	"%s (thread)"
3	A	"Benoît Dejean - maintainer"
4	A	"Zombie"
5	A	"Uninterruptible"

Thanks anyway for all the hard work you do as a maintainer; it's much


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